• India Griffiin

Starting a Rescue, Lily & Pyometra

Starting a rescue is very time consuming but it's also very exciting. The learning curve is tremendous. How do you get animals from the shelters? What about funding and fundraising? Veterinary care? liability insurance? The Board? The questions are unlimited and the answers not always easy to find. All the details that have to be dealt with before intaking that first animal. It was an almost unbearable experience because all I wanted to do was get that first animal from the shelter.

The day finally came where I thought we were ready to intake our first animal. I didn't want a dog that was too challenging so I asked a friend that worked for a local shelter to let me know if she had any ideas for a first "pull". She said there was this sweet senior chihuahua in medical for observation. We named her Lily. She seemed in good shape for a 10+ year old. They deferred her spay, so I was able to take her right away.

Of course, the first step I took was to schedule her to be spayed. It was suppose to be a normal procedure without any complications. It didn't exactly go as planned. It was only a matter of minutes into the procedure before it was realized that Lily had pyometra and without the exact timing of the spay procedure she would have died. One more day would have been too late, perhaps ever a few hours later would have proved fatal.

Lily has thrived since she was pulled from the shelter. She is an amazingly sweet and stubborn little princess. She likes to be hand fed her breakfast and dinner. She has a heart murmur and is on medication that will delay the progression of congestive heart failure. She is simply a joy to be around.

Pyometra is an infection that causes buildup of pus in the uterus and requires immediate medical intervention to prevent death. It was an overwhelming feeling to know that if I hadn't pulled Lily and scheduled the spay when I did that she would have likely died. I took it as a sign that I was meant to start FAR Side Journey and that I would save the lives of many animals. At this point, I wasn't sure what type of rescue FAR Side Journey would be, but this experience made me want to focus on medical needs and senior dogs.

Here are a few pictures of what pyometra looks like. Disclaimer...they are graphic so you have to use the arrow to move through them.

Please encourage everyone you know to spay and neuter their pets. There is no excuse for not taking this simple step that will not only eliminate shelter overpopulation but will help prevent pyometra, some types of cancer, and some unwanted behaviors.


FAR Side Journey

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing foster, adoption and rescue services so that no owner-relinquished or stray animal has to be held in a municipal shelter awaiting adoption or potential euthanasia due to overcrowded conditions.