"Fostering an animal isn't a lifetime commitment, it's a commitment to saving a life:

                                - Author Unknown

Foster "How To"

Getting Started

To get started with FAR Side Journey as a foster caregiver you will need to fill out our foster caregiver application. After you submit your application we will contact you to discuss the process. Our animals come from local shelters and need temporary homes while they await adoption. We strive to provide you with a foster pet that matches your abilities and time commitment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is financially responsible for the animal’s food, leash, crate, etc.?

A: Many foster caregivers contribute financially to their foster animals care. However, if you want to be a foster caregiver and are unable to provide food and incidentals then we will work with you on a case by case basis.

Q: What about vet bills?

A: There is no cost to you for vaccinations and, in the case of Fospice, the initial life-ending diagnosis vet bill and all follow up vet bills that are necessary due to the diagnosis. However, vet bills that are due to negligence while in the care of the foster caregiver is the responsibility of the foster.


Q: Where will the animal be introduced to prospective adopters and how much liberty do I have in scheduling these meetings?

A: If a prospective adopter would like to get acquainted with an animal you are fostering then we will work with you to schedule a reasonable place and time for the introduction.

Q: Is the fact that I work a problem?

A: Not generally, but for certain animals, a foster caregiver who is home all day may be required, or a home without other animals or children. We work individually with our foster caregivers to ensure they can meet the needs of the animal they foster.

Q: Is it okay that I have pets?

A: Yes, it is okay. We recommend you talk to your vet about recommended quarantine periods for new foster animals to keep your own pets safe! We also have quarantine protocols to follow when making introductions. Also, keep in mind that some animals may need to be in homes that do not have other pets.

Important Considerations

Be A Foster! Be A Hero! Video Series 

Does your homeowners insurance or city have any breed restrictions?


Do you have time to devote to a foster animal?

What kind of behavioral problems are you comfortable dealing with – counter surfing, pulling on leash, jumping when greeting, inappropriate elimination, separation anxiety, barking?


Don’t accept a foster with behavioral problems beyond your experience and knowledge.

Are you willing to provide the husbandry needed to keep the dog well-groomed and sanitary?


Do you require a foster animal that is safe around small children or other pets?

Have you discussed fostering with all your household members?

Preparing Your House For A Foster Pet

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