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Special Needs...Providing Unconditional Love

Special needs dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They may be seniors that keep getting looked over in the shelter or they may have a disability that discourages many potential adopters from considering them. They all want one thing; a family to love them and care for them. We want to give these dogs the best chance at finding the perfect home. Pets with special needs can require more time and financial commitment that pets without the special needs. What's important is that these pets have as much love and affection to offer as any other pet maybe even more.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting a special needs dog please contact us so that we can work with you and get the perfect match.

       What Is Special Needs?

Fopsice...Providing Love Until The End

        Why Foster Fospice?

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        Fospice Caregiver

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       What Is Fospice Care?

Fospice care is hospice care for animals that are at the end of their life due to a terminal illness. Fospice care for shelter dogs allow the dogs to live their final days, months, or years in a pleasant environment and with proper pain management. Fospice providers open their hearts and homes to these dogs and give them a comforting environment where they can be taken care of and not die in a noisy, cold, and scary shelter environment.

What To Expect

Fospice care is for any chronic or acute  progressive disease that has been diagnosed by a veterinarian with an outcome of less than one year life expectancy. Some Fospice animals may live beyond a year once they receive proper treatment, a stable environment, and a loving caregiver.

Fospice care is end of life comfort care. It does not include treatments that are intended to lengthen the life or cure the disease.

Pain has a huge impact on an animal’s quality of life, but because animals don't exhibit signs of pain like humans, it may be hard to determine the level of suffering. Proper pain management is a crucial part of Fospice care.

It is likely your Fospice animal will require medication and a special diet. As the animal moves closer to the end of its life, it could become incontinent or have intestinal issues. It is important that you understand and consider these probabilities as you explore becoming a Fospice caregiver.

The approaching death of a Fospice animal is a very emotional time. A main concern of Fospice Caregivers is whether they are letting go too soon or not soon enough. Most veterinarians understand this struggle and can be reassuring when it comes time to make this decision. Keep in mind the reason for Fospice care is to provide this very type of compassion, caring and love.


By choosing to become a Fospice caregiver you will struggle with the emotions of loss and pain. However, you will be able to better deal with those emotions by knowing that you made a difference in the life of a terminally ill shelter animal that would not have been able to dye with dignity and grace without you by the animals side during those last months.


Being a Fospice caregiver is not for everyone. It’s not even for most everyone. It is only for those special few that are willing to face the ups and downs of becoming attached and falling in love with an animal which they know will not survive for long. Fospice is only for those that understand the purpose they are serving. That purpose is to allow the animal to live their final time in a pleasant and loving environment.

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For animal lovers looking to save the life of a shelter dog or cat, fostering and adopting are not the only options. Fospice, a blend of “foster” and “hospice,” provides end-of-life comfort and care to very elderly or terminally ill homeless companion animals — and getting involved is easy.

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Six months ago, Maggie May sat in a high kill shelter in Los Angeles, waiting her turn to die.

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How tragic it is for an abandoned animal in a shelter to face terminal illness, old age, or disease without proper medical treatment and the loving comfort and care that only a human companion can provide.

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