Low-Cost Shelter Enrichment

Enrichment activities are a crucial component in all shelter environments. Unfortunately, many shelters are not funded and do not have the resources to develop and manage robust enrichment programs. Regardless of the constraints, enrichment programs should be implemented, in some form, in all shelters. The Boredom Buster Program was created to provide shelters with a simple, cost-effective, and customizable enrichment program. The Program attempts to consolidate existing enrichment activities into a single resource, along with ideas on how to structure a low-cost enrichment program that can be implemented on any budget.

Low-Cost Shelter Enrichment

Boredom Buster Program

Shelter environments are extremely stressful places. The animals that are contained in these environments are not use to being confined in what is equal to a jail cell. They are not use to the hustle and bustle, high noise levels, lack of exercise, lack of mental stimulation, unfamiliar smells and lack of socialization. These stress factors can lead to a condition often referred to as "kennel crazy." Dogs that display signs of kennel crazy are often labeled unadoptable and are also often euthanized.


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